Work Requirements

The module is taught by extended (that is, two hour) weekly seminars, designed to allow time for substantial and informed discussion. Students will be expected to participate in seminar discussions.

Your participation is vital if you are to get the most out of the module. Seminars are a crucial element of the module and are compulsory for students. A register of names will be taken at each meeting and persistent absenteeism will be reported to the Senior Tutor.

Those taking the module will also be eligible to go on a field trip to Westminster (students paying their own travelling expenses) to meet MPs, peers, and journalists to discuss with them the issues raised in the module. Details about the trip will be outlined in seminars. The provisional date for the trip is Thursday, 2 December (although this may change subject to parliamentary events).
Participation in the trip is optional, although highly recommended. Student feedback on the trip usually identifies it as the most valuable part of the module – and sometimes of their entire degree.